A-dec 500

Exceptional patient comfort: Pamper your patients with the A-dec 500 dental chair. Through the science of pressure mapping, the unique cushioning reduces pressure points and provides comfortable support across the patient’s entire body. Motion is also critical to your patient’s comfort. The A-dec 500 dental chair synchronizes the chair movement with the natural motion of the patient. This ‘virtual pivot’ keeps the patient from having to readjust when the chair is lowered or raised. Unsurpassed access: The A-dec 500 dental chair’s ultra-thin backrest and slim-profile headrest provide more leg room under the chair so you can position the patient low enough to gain ergonomic access to the oral cavity. The result? Less strain and fatigue.


The Chair

  • Ultra-thin backrest that flexes. Enables you to comfortably tuck your knees under the chair, no hard metal back to worry about; cradles the patient in comfort and features upholstery thinner than 25 mm in some areas.
  • Double-articulating, gliding headrest. Moves with the patient to improve comfort; adjusts easily with one hand.
  • Innovative hydraulic lift system. Results in gentle stops and starts during patient positioning.
  • Integrated 300-watt power supply. Provides more than enough power for the whole system; powers light and additional ancillary devices.
  • Expanded height range. Offers a range from 343 mm to 800 mm so any doctor, regardless of height, can work comfortably.
  • 60° swivel with brake. Allows 30° rotation on each side of center.
  • Multi-position armrests. Rotates out of the way to streamline patient entry and exit.
  • Cut-away, cast iron baseplate. Allows you to roll your stool closer to the patient; provides six contact points for added stability on uneven floors.


The Delivery

The delivery is available in a range of options such as on the chair, side delivery and rear delivery, all have the following features:

  • Innovative 4-position control block design. Results in the industry’s most reliable air-driven component with fewer parts, stronger corrosion-resistant materials, and a unique water flow system that eliminates stagnant water where bacteria can grow.
  • Pivoting, centrally mounted control head. Directs handpieces toward the oral cavity to minimize your movement.
  • Left/right pivoting chair mount. Provides both left- and right-handed doctors with ergonomic, efficient positioning of the control head.
  • Integrated fiber-optic system. Provides independently adjustable voltage settings for up to four handpiece positions.
  • Data Communication System (DCS). Enables reliable two-way communication between system circuit boards, which allows monitoring of all system functions; auto-detects new modules.
  • 2-liter, self-contained water bottle. Includes an integrated pickup tube that helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Wet/dry foot control with chip blower/accessory button. Operates handpieces and integrated accessories like your A-dec intraoral camera in conjunction with the A-dec 500 deluxe touchpad.


The Lights

The A-dec 500 is available with the latest LED light. Available as either chair mounted, wall or ceiling mounted.

The LED light has the following benefits:

  • Improved vision: The A-dec 500 LED dental light floods the oral cavity with light. Most dental lights today only provide a light intensity of up to 25,000 lux. The A-dec 500 LED dental light provides 30,000 lux, the highest level of illumination recommended by dental surgery ergonomic specialists.
  • Accurate tissue analysis: By producing a Colour Rendering Index of 94 at 5,000K, A-dec has achieved a new breed of LED that mimics nature. See tissue in pure light for accurate, consistent diagnoses.
  • Illumination without curing: The cure-safe mode on the A-dec 500 LED dental light provides brilliant yellow light at 25,000 lux intensity, enabling the dental team to work effectively without curing photo-initiated resins.
  • Unparalleled ergonomics: Designed for comfort, the A-dec 500 LED dental light easily glides into the exact position needed for optimal illumination during any procedure.
  • Sustained eye health: A uniform light pattern with feathered edges minimizes shadowing and reduces eye strain and fatigue.
  • Low heat, no noise: Because the A-dec 500 LED dental light doesn’t emit heat or require a fan for cooling, it’s both comfortable and quiet.
  • Low cost of ownership: The A-dec 500 LED dental light consumes 80% less power than halogen lights, with a life expectancy of 20 years.


Other options

The A-dec 500 is available with either halogen or the latest LED light. Both available as either chair mounted, wall or ceiling mounted. The A-dec 500 has a great range of options available, such as built in devices like micromotors, scalers cameras. Click here to see a range of A-dec upholstery colours To discuss the complete range of options and configurations available for this chair please contact us on the details above or email us.