AIR Purifiers

Planmeca Cleanic 500

Purified clean air is guaranteed at all times for you and your clients.

Ensuring the quality of the air in your dental surgery is just as important as adhering to safe infection control practices. Therefore, the new Planmeca intelligent Cleanic™ 500 air purification system offers you the best in air purification. Rigorously tested and thoughtfully designed, the system works tirelessly to clean the air around you and your patients.

Planmeca Cleanic™ 500 is an efficient combination of an innovative smart monitor, an intelligent command centre and a stylish air purifier that is the perfect choice for both small rooms and large clinical areas. Long-lasting and economical protection is guaranteed by a true HEPA filter and a total of 2.5 kg of tailored activated carbon
filtration system.

Automatically cleans the air

Planmeca Cleanic 500 analyses and controls indoor air quality and turns on the purifier automatically and intelligently. The independent monitor can be moved easily to any location. The system also offers a manual purifying mode with the help of a smart touchscreen.

Safe and quiet Planmeca Cleanic 500 removes ear-sensitive sound frequencies thus providing a quiet working and treatment environment.

Planmeca Cleanic 500

Mobile application for flexible use

A convenient mobile application allows you to monitor and control the system from wherever you are and is available for iOS and android.

Innovative technology

• Offers a high clean air delivery rate (CADR): up to 600 m3/h
• Does not generate ozone or any harmful by-products
• Eliminates odours efficiently with activated carbon filtration system
• True HEPA filter: 99.5% • A total of 2.5 kg of tailored activated carbon filtration system
• Solid steel case to protect the filters