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Belmont Halogen Dental Light

NDL Series

NDL Series lights deliver white 5,000K natural light with a 700mm focal distance, allowing extensive working space for the dental team.

NDL Series lights have three light intensity settings with triple-axis head movement, delivered on Belmont’s well-reputed balance-arm.

The larger head delivers more light to the oral cavity and D-handles provide excellent grip for adjusting the light position with minimal effort.

Touchless ON/OFF sensor control eliminates unnecessary contact during operation and reduces cross-infection.

Technical specification

• White natural beam (5000 Kelvin)
• Low (15,000 Lux), Medium (22,000 Lux) and High (28,000 Lux)
• 700mm focal distance
• Touchless sensor switch (waving lightly past the sensor switches the light ON/OFF)
• Halogen bulb
• Triple-axis head movement
• Light intensity dial

Mounting Options

• Chair-mount
• Ceiling-mount
• Wall-mount

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