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Belmont LED Dental Light

Advanced technology design

900 LED Series delivers cool operation, incredible compactness, lightness and a responsiveness that advances Operator working comfort into the future.

Ten LED light beams ensure 100% shadowless illumination of the oral cavity, in clean, white 5,000K natural light.

900 Series lights have stepless light intensity control and Composite Curing Safe Mode at 5,500Lux with triple-axis head movement, delivered on Belmont’s well-reputed balance-arm.

Ten LEDs are encased behind a single-piece cover preventing mist and dust from entering the light head, reducing the maintenance required.

Technical Specification

• White natural beam (5000 Kelvin)
• 4,000 to 32,000 Lux
• Composite Curing Safe Mode (at 5,500 Lux)
• Well-defined 85×155 mm rectangular light pattern
• Stepless light intensity control
• Touchless sensor switch (waving lightly past the sensor switches the light ON/OFF)
• Auto ON/OFF with preset chair positions
• 10 LED bulbs
• Triple-axis head movement

Mounting Options

• Chair-mount
• Ceiling-mount
• Track-mount
• Wall-mount

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