Bespoke Care, Repairs & Maintenance – EquipCare Plan

For a Reliable Service and Peace of Mind

Our 29 years’ experience in the dental equipment industry has taught us that dental surgeries need to ensure that their essential equipment are protected from the unexpected – equipment breakdown, that leads to cancellation of appointments and the loss of revenue. Our solution is EquipCare Plan, an innovative care plan for your essential dental equipment. For peace of mind sign up today.

If you are interested in our EquipCare Plan then call us on 01454 314302

Main Benefits of the EquipCare Plan

Here are just a few of the many benefits that your surgery would enjoy:
• EquipCare Plan is a 3 year preventative service plan executed around down-time by our qualified engineer and on easy terms
• Complies fully with the Care Quality Commission’s Essential Standards of Quality and Safety – Outcome 11
• Transferrable to replacement ‘like for like’ dental equipment purchased from Woodlane Dental Equipment
• In an emergency, dental equipment is available free of charge on temporary loan

For more information and to sign-up to our unique EquipCare service plan call us on 01454 314302

Emergency Breakdown Service and General Repairs

Woodlane Dental also offer an emergency breakdown service and an ad hoc general repair service that all our customer can access simply by calling us on 01454 314302. You will find that we are responsive and offer a fast efficient service thereby resolving any problems you may have with you dental equipment.

Our emergency breakdown service and general repairs is an ad hoc service as opposed to the regular servicing provided under our EquipCare plan.