Cattani MicroSmart Cube

Acoustic Housing
The clever housing is designed with a cooling system to allow maximum air flow around the unit.
• Simple design
• Noise reduction of over 19 dB
• Three easily removable panels for easy servicing & maintenance

Inverter Control
Inverter control optimises performance and efficiency.
The principal is simple: the inverter is an electronic control that can vary the speed, and therefore the output of the suction motor. It adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirements of the clinic – no more, no less!

Room to Grow
A simple and SMART way to grow.

The advantage of a Cattani Micro SMART, is that while your surgery grows, your suction system has the ability to grow with you. The Micro SMART allows you to expand on your current investment by adding a second Micro SMART in parallel, should your suction requirements change.

Micro SMART Performance Presets
Micro SMART has the ability (when used for a single user application) to use three performance preset levels. Each preset is designed for a different application.

Amalgam Retention
The Cattani Hydrocyclone is a simple and effective amalgam retention unit that fully integrates with our SMART suction systems.
• 98.9% Retention Rate
• No drives or motors
• Doesn’t increase the overall dimensions of the suction unit
• Compliant to ISO 11143

Cattani MicroSmart Cube