Cattani TurboSmart 2V

Turbo Smart 2v (left shot 1)

A Vacuum pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any dental practice, often serving multiple surgeries and providing a core application to everyday dentistry including surgical procedures.

Imagine your practice, with a full book of extractions, fillings, hygienist appointments and surgicals without there being any suction! Even more damaging is having to disappoint your customers by cancelling their appointments because a key piece of equipment has failed.

This key piece of equipment is often lying in a cupboard or is under the stairs or even outside and is therefore easy to be overlooked and not be regularly maintained.

However, not all suction equipment is adequate for the job. Suction systems have become more complicated in order to deal with changes in regulation governing amalgam waste. Some systems have failed to adequately adapt and as a consequence the result is poor suction power and/or poor reliability.

Cattani launched the TurboSmart range in 2005, designed to overcome this problem! The Smart range was built on using the tried and tested Cattani air vacuum motor. However, it was fitted with a DC induction electric motor and attached to a circuit board that would rival some personal computers. The system is designed to cope easily with multiple surgeries providing the power of suction necessary, at any moment, for up to four surgeries. The Turbosmart range does this by increasing the speed of the DC motor when it senses an increase in vacuum openings. This means the level of suction provided at the tip is always enough to cope with everyone’s needs.

Coupled with this are the water separator and the patented highly efficient amalgam separator. This means that it is able to shift a massive 18 litres of water per minute. The advantages are (a) that you only need to dispose of amalgam and not large quantities of other waste that can go safely down the drain and (b) less expensive recycling of amalgam.

The TurboSmart 2V was launched in 2014 and instantly caught Woodlane Dental’s eye as an excellent addition to the existing TurboSmart range. Building on the established TurboSmart principle the 2V has a double impellor vacuum motor which has the effect of increasing the negative pressure and therefore vacuum power!

This means that the 2V can be used to replace an existing wetline system without the need to alter the existing pipe work which is traditionally too small to work with most suction pumps available today.

The technical bit

A medium to high airflow is required to aspirate the nebulised spray from the Hand piece / turbine from a much wider area within the mouth, this is traditionally known as a “Dry Line Vacuum”.

This does 3 things

1. Helps the dentist vision within the mouth & stops mouth mirrors from misting up.
2. Helps patient comfort, so the excess water from the hand piece/turbine does not collect in the throat, causing the patient to gag or make them constantly swallow.
3. Stops contaminated air born particles of water from passing around the dental surgery.

A large bore aspirator tip of 16mm +/- 1mm is required.
A system with a high air flow & medium vacuum is what is required for conservation dentistry.

Negative vacuum

This is basically the “Pulling Power”.

Traditionally “Wet Line” Pumps were used to create a high negative vacuum.

Systems with a high negative vacuum of 200-250mbr are recommended for procedures such as extractions/surgical procedures such as implants, where a high negative vacuum is required to aspirate heavy debris such as blood, tooth or bone from a small precise point using a small bore aspirator tip.

Turbo Smart gives you the benefits of both of the above systems.

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