Complete Surgery Refit & Design

The decision to acquire new dental equipment or to upgrade existing dental equipment is exciting but the entire process can be facilitated by choosing the right equipment and by excellent planning. Practical consideration must be given as to how your surgery design/layout will accommodate the new equipment.

Woodlane Dental offer a comprehensive and complete service. Starting from your initial enquiry we would meet with you to discuss your requirements and to offer advice, if required, on the technical specification of the dental equipment that would be appropriate for your surgery. You may be considering replacing existing equipment or having a retrofit done. Either way we are able to offer impartial advice based on our experience and technical competence.

If you are interested in having new dental equipment or in upgrading your existing dental equipment then contact us, click here.

Shown below are just a few of the many surgery design styles, including a variety of dental equipment installed:


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Design 1:

This is a typical L plan surgery design. It gives good patient access with sufficient room for doctor and nurse. This design provides a desk area in the bottom left corner that both the doctor and nurse can use. If you prefer it is possible to use side delivery with this design.


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Design 2:

This is a totally custom designed surgery for a modern dentist located in Bath. The layout of old surgery had the patient facing the door and cabinetry running across an elegant floor to ceiling window thus blocking the view of a beautiful private garden.


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Design 3:

The requirements of the PCT meant that this new build above a shopping center had to accommodate three dental surgeries, as well as a central sterilization area accessible by each of the surgeries. Although smaller than the ideal surgery, this design is practical and actually provided three very useable surgeries.

To view more examples of dental surgeries that we have designed and installed, go to the gallery of pictures


Cabinetry is essential to the style and shape of any dental surgery. It allows for flexibility in the layout of surgeries and are available in modules that accommodate either a minimalist or an extravagant approach. When we are commissioned to do a design for a surgery we will produce a computer design, complete with cabinetry contents (instrument draws and equipment housing among other features). The surgery design plans including cabinetry are sent to you, for you to make any changes required and to give your acceptance of the layout as well as choose the colours. For more details about cabinetry and their typical layout arrangements click here.