Covid-19 Message

The coronavirus disease has forced the world to face a new reality and we have to navigate through this pandemic together. 

We stand with all our employees and customers and are doing everything we can to safeguard both parties. Our customers must feel comfortable having our staff in their practice and every member of our team must feel well-protected and comfortable attending work. We are continually evaluating and improving the protection we provide and outline the steps we are currently taking below:

Steps we have taken to protect and support our staff

  • • We have provided PPE for our staff’s use both in and out of work
  • • Work currently undertaken is limited to essential work only or where our staff are able to work within social distancing guidelines as well as increasing the time allowed for certain work to be completed thereby facilitating extra breaks.
  • • Our staff have been working from home, where possible
  • • We comply with the rules on social distancing by using the phone and video conferencing during the lockdown to offer help and support where required. Further, we have limited our on-site service by providing increased ‘virtual’ phone and video conferencing support for breakdowns as well as for sales and information.

Steps we have taken to protect you

  • • We have issued PPE consisting of masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to our staff for use when entering your practice and throughout their visit.
  • • To ensure compliance with social distancing rules, we are putting procedures in place for pre-planned service calls and on-site meetings.
  • • Members of our building team are working individually where possible since May 5th to ensure only one trade person works in a room or confined space at any given time.
  • • Staff have been briefed on the importance of social distancing and hand washing whilst present in your practice

Work planning and moving forward safely

  • • To facilitate a reduction in the time between patients, we are investigating ways of moving the air in the surgery quicker.
  • • It is advised that the flow rate at the head of the suction tip should be 250 litre per minute to ensure that you are working as safely as possible. We have invested in a vacuum flow meter that enables us to check the flow rate at the head of the suction tip. Please phone to book in your assessment visit.
  • • We are taking bookings for service and repair work provided we are able to guarantee our staff’s safety as well as anyone on site. If you would like to use this down time to prepare your surgery for re-opening, please get in contact.
  • • Similarly, if you are thinking of a project or refurbishment, we are able to help you plan, design and choose your equipment now, ready for when the time is right to proceed.

Stay safe and take care.