Decontamination Room Cabinetry

For over 30 years we have designed, supplied and installed hundreds of dental surgeries that included the installation of quality decontamination room cabinetry to meet the requirements of our customers.

We have the expertise and experience that enable us to make appropriate recommendations and to design your decontamination room cabinetry to suit the way you work and to meet HTM and CQC guidelines.

When we are commissioned to prepare a design for your decontamination room we will visit your surgery to measure up and discuss your individual needs following which we will produce, free of charge, a CAD design, complete with the appropriate cabinetry. The design plans are then sent to you, for you to make any changes required and to give your acceptance of the layout as well as choose the colours. The design layout will enable you to see the flow of the decontamination process from start to finish. If you wish to proceed then as soon as your cabinetry is ready, it will be installed by our experienced trained craftsman who will put the finishing touches to your cabinetry.

The decontamination cabinetry is available in a range of materials, colours and finishes. Key features of our decontamination cabinetry include anti-drip work surface edges, hospital-style leaver taps, HTM compliant sinks, separate hand wash sink and laminate fronts.