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Durr Cameras

Durr VistaCam intra oral camera range.

A VistaCam significantly increases patient communication in dental surgeries: Durr Dental IFC optics are suitable for all applications (intraoral, extraoral, and macro) and produce an excellent image quality that impresses patients even at a glance.

Advantages for communicating with patients. Images with a VistaCam have the great advantage of showing the situation both before and after treatment thus providing visible proof of success. Whilst the dentist or an assistant operates the VistaCam, the patient can comfortably follow the images on the monitor. This makes treatment understandable and transparent. The result is greater satisfaction on both sides.

The VistaCam line offers perfected enlargement functions and produces ideally exposed images – even of difficult-to-access places. The high-quality Durr Dental IFC optics enable a large depth of field reaching right to the root canal. This means that refocusing is not necessary.

The right system for each surgery

The VistaCam line has the best product for each set of requirements: The VistaCam Digital offers high-quality extra- and intraoral images and macro images. The wireless intraoral camera VistaCam CL.iX combines the high-quality IFC optics with the convenience of mobility.