EquipCare Plan

An innovative care plan for your dental equipment

What is EquipCare Plan?
EquipCare Plan is an innovative new service plan available only from Woodlane Dental Equipment. It is offered exclusively to Woodlane’s clients and provides planned annual service of your essential dental equipment to facilitate their smooth running all year round, ensuring peace of mind.


What is included?

• Dental chairs
• Suction pumps
• Compressor
• Intra-oral x-ray equipment


• A complimentary Care Kit
• A supply of waterline disinfectant


For further information call 01454 314302

What are the main benefits?

  • • EquipCare Plan is a 3 year preventative maintenance and service plan.
  • • Allows you to spread the cost over months.
  • • Service planned and executed around natural down time.
  • • Complies fully with your equipment manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • • EquipCare Service complies fully with the Care Quality Commission’s Essential Standards of Quality and Safety – Outcome 11.
  • • High quality service executed by a qualified engineer.
  • • Reduces breakdown time and helps to maintain revenue.
  • • Offers an annual refresher on your essential equipment.
  • • Includes a complimentary supply of dental unit waterline disinfectant and a Care Kit.
  • • It is transferrable to replacement ‘like for like’ dental equipment purchased from Woodlane Dental Equipment.
  • • In an emergency, dental equipment is available free of charge on temporary loan.
  • • Priority support afforded to EquipCare Plan clients.

We will automatically contact you to arrange for our engineer to service your essential dental equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.