Water Treatment

A-dec ICX

Adec ICX: Simple, effective, affordable. Simply put, Adec ICX waterline treatment tablets are designed to make life easier by saving time and money. ICX offers you a system designed to help protect waterlines from contamination for extended periods of time. A protocol that allows you to choose your water source and not worry about purging the waterlines with air at night. And, best of all, a simple process with no more mixing and no more mess. With ICX, just drop a tablet into an empty, self-contained water bottle and fill. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


Reverse Osmosis water

Still using hot, steamy distillers for your water?

Why not have a RO water purifier installed, you get pure, de-ionized water on tap with no steam!

It’s as simple as turning on the tap or even with some autoclaves you don’t even need to do that, they will fill themselves. The water is suitable for autoclaves, chair bottles and anywhere else you currently use water.


Electric motors / Micromotors

HTM 01-05 states that no currently available single method or device will completely eliminate biocontamination of dental unit water lines or exclude the risk of cross-infection. CE marked for use with medical appliances, Continu Disinfectant for Dental Unit Water Lines is highly effective at eliminating biofilm to achieve long term reduction in microbial contamination. Yet, being water based, it is very gentle, making it harmless to water lines and safe for patients.

As the disinfectant only needs to be applied weekly, it saves staff time and is also very economical compared to existing solutions.

Available in one litre bottles or economic and environmentally friendly five litre refills.