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Made-to-measure precision and perfection

Our next recommended sterilizers are manufactured by the W&H Group, that is one of the leading manufacturers of dental transmission instruments and devices in the world. Details of the three recommended sterilizers from W&H are outlined below:

Saturated steam under pressure is by far the most reliable medium for the sterilization of reprocessable medical devices.

Therefore W&H provides you with Lisa and Lina, the professional benchtop steam sterilizers.

Sterilizer Lisa – Type B water steam sterilizer

With Class B automatic cycles, a fast cycle for dental handpieces and integrated traceability, W&H is setting new standards in modern dentistry with the Lisa sterilizer.

Lina autoclave – The essentials of sterilization

Lina, the latest addition to the W&H range of sterilizers, is a reliable partner which can be adapted to your practice requirements.

MS autoclave – The Ultimate Type N Sterilizer

MS offers economical N-class sterilization, addressing the important considerations of efficiency and long-term operational costs. It is a modern, quality built machine for today’s environment, where economy, performance and compliance are the overriding requirements.

Lisa Sterilizer

Lisa Sterilizer

Lina Sterilizer

Lisa Sterilizer

MS Sterilizer

MS Sterilizer